Monday 12 January 2015

Innovation in Choreography- Workshop by Jhelum Paranjpe

  Innovation in choreography - (For dancers from any discipline and with min. 5yrs of learning experience)

As part of Antaradhi- workshop series, we bring the maestro - Jhelum Paranjape from Mumbai to share her choreographic process with young dancers of Bangalore. We aim to bring together dancers from various disciplines and help them learn, share and work with a seasoned master and explore  their own creative /choreographic selves. The participants will explore diverse ideas, creative and critical thinking , breaking boundaries of their own movement vocabulary and  eventually fitting their work into their respective forms.  

Key take away for the participants -
1. Know the choreographic process from a path breaking choreographer of a classical dance tradition.
2. Opportunity to innovate within your own movement vocabulary.
3. Learn to assess when change/borrow/modify in the choreographic process.
4. Challenge your creative self and explore the possibility of developing your choreographic skills
   under Jhelum Paranjape's mentorship.

About Guru Jhelum Paranjape –
Jhelumtai, as she is fondly called, has consistently broken new ground in the traditional odissi dance form through her innovative choreography and teachings. In a career spanning  over three decades, her body of work includes vast repertoire of productions like Leelavati, Narmada, Uma to name a few.
While maintaining the core and spirit of Odissi dance, she has effortlessly moved beyond the boundaries placed by any traditional art form. An explorer at heart, she has helped hundreds of students explore a world of limitless possibilities in movement converting them to fit in the traditional/classical vocabulary of Odissi. Using Vivaldi's music from Four seasons to show swarm of bees moving across the stage tracing beautiful patterns or to show a herd of elephants moving rhythmically in a playful mood or a flock of birds gliding gracefully in the evening sky.... and all this unveiling into solving mathematical problems in her production Leelavati based on the 12th century mathematical treatise by the same name.

Maths was never so beautiful before!

In another production -Narmada, she imagines the river as a woman. Nurturing, purifying, life giving, yet, standing strong and fighting man-made disasters. In showcasing the many faces of the river, she uses fluid movements of Odissi and juxtaposes it with Gymnastics to showcase the might of the man-made dam. She intersperses this with folk movements to show life along the river.

Besides these, she has created several productions / pieces voicing social, environmental, ecological, political, feminist, educational and feminist themes each scaling new heights. She also brought "Bollywood hangama - Odissi Istyle" taking popular classic and new age bollywood music and weaving it into Odissi vocabulary, taking Odissi to those who generally stay away from "Classical dances". She has performed and taught in many countries received many awards like Kumar Gandharva award, Mahari award, Vidya Bhushan award, Women Achiever's award to name a few.

Dates: 22nd - 26th Jan 2015 Time: 10.30 am - 1.30 pm Fees: Rs. 5000 For registration - click here
Note: Participants may bring a piece of music /poetry that they wish to work on. we will then select a few out of those and work on them during the workshop.

Jhelum paranjape will also conduct a Lecture-demonstration - "Counting, Cooperating and Creating: how does dance help?" on 26th evening 4.30 pm at Antara which will be free and open for all. 

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